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By Emma Hooton

The Top Vegan Bedding & Soft Furnishing Brands

There are now luxurious vegan bedding and soft furnishings made from pulped eucalyptus trees, recycled plastic, bamboo fibres, organic buckwheat and other ingenious alternatives. Not a feather in sight.

Ducks and geese often have to endure their feathers being ‘live plucked’ to plump up our duvets, pillows and cushions. In fact, it takes 32 geese just to fill one duvet. That doesn’t make for a good night’s sleep.

Feather-based products are also not particularly human-friendly as they harbour dust and are known to cause, or exacerbate, allergies.

And there’s no compromise on quality either – these vegan alternatives are often naturally softer, naturally hypoallergenic, breathable and biodegradable.

The choices of plant-based bedding and soft furnishings are growing as more products come on the market. As ever, ask questions to check on the vegan creds of anyone you’re buying from.

Studio Hooton’s top vegan bedding & soft furnishing brands

The Fine Bedding Company

We love their ‘Smartdown’ duvets and pillows which are made from recycled plastic bottles – the bedding simulates the hand-feel and warmth of natural down with a sustainably sourced, 280 thread count cotton cover. This is true luxury vegan bedding.

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Simba’s out of the box memory foam mattress-in-a-box gets our vote. Memory foam mattresses are becoming increasingly popular and this one by Simba is super-comfortable, reasonably priced and animal-friendly. They also have toppers, pillows, duvets and more to complete your vegan bedroom.

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Tielle love luxury

Tielle make beautiful bed linens for the UK’s top hotels and have a luxury microfibre range.  This hotel-quality allergy-sensitive range of synthetic duvets and pillows, filled with 100% microfibre is breathtakingly soft, warm and lightweight and has the superb drape of a natural luxury duvet.  They also have a great range of crisp cotton bed linens.

Teille Love Luxury Linen in a Wicker Basket
Tielle Love Luxury – Cool & crisp 200tc fitted sheet

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Main Image: Interior by Studio Hooton / Photography

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