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By Emma Hooton

The Top Vegan Interior Leather Suppliers

It takes 8 cows and over 100 harmful chemicals to make a leather sofa. But we no longer need health-damaging animal hides when there are incredible faux leather options being grown in labs. The results look and feel exactly like leather but these plant-based ‘fabrics’ come from surprising plant-based sources.

Today scientists are creating stunning leather from mushroom mycelium which is grown into the required shapes using heat and light in a nutrient bath.

Waste pineapple leaves are being turned into ‘Piñatex’ by felting the fibres together to create a soft leather alternative. Even Philippe Starck has got in on the act using a leather alternative called ‘Apple Ten Lork’ made from waste apple cores and skin for his Cassina furniture collection.

These plant-based alternatives are excellent quality, look and feel the same as the best animal alternatives but are often more durable and easier to look after. There’s no compromising on quality and plenty of big up-sides to faux leathers.

Top tip on finding the best vegan leather

Some of the higher-end faux leathers are are only available to trade so if you are using an upholsterer, curtain maker or interior designer, ask them to request faux suede and leather samples from their top suppliers so you can chose the right ones to work with your interiors.

Studio Hooton’s Top Vegan Interior Leather Suppliers


The iconic, traditional British brand ‘Chesterfields’ have introduced a whole range of vegan-friendly sofas made in velvets and luxe faux leathers. No animal products are used in the manufacturing process and their glue and foam is all 100% vegan-friendly. YES!

Browse their range

Cult Furniture

Cult Furniture specialise in stunning modern and mid-century style furniture. We love their focus on great design but most of all we love their range of cool vegan chairs made with faux leather.

Browse their range


If you are re-upolstering your own furniture, Modelli has a huge range of colours in various faux leather finishes. You can browse these online and order free samples to help you choose.

Browse their range

Designers Guild

Designers Guild have a new collection of faux leathers which are available direct to customers in a large variety of colours and finishes – Matara Nappa is a matt grain, Matara Vintage has a characterful grain and Matara Lucida gives a mid sheen finish.

Browse their range

Designers Guild - Swatches of Matara Nappa Calico Fabric
Designers Guild – Matara Nappa Calico Fabric

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Main Image: Faux Leather Seat by Cult Furniture

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