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By Emma Hooton

Indulge your playful spirit with a luxurious games room design

We are so inspired by this Games Room at Fowey Hall in Cornwall. The imposing building is said to have inspired the creation of Toad Hall – the grand abode of lovable Mr Toad from The Wind in the Willows.

Serving as a place to escape and unwind, designing a luxury games room means having a space at home for social gatherings, special occasions and family get-togethers. Emma Hooton shares her tips on creating a games room everyone can enjoy.

“A games room doesn’t have to be a standalone room,” says Emma Hooton. “It can serve double duty by being part of another room that morphs into a games room. A work study could flip into a gaming or movie sanctuary. A dining room table could switch into an upscale ping pong or snooker table. An outbuilding could combine a games room and luxury home gym or spa. Giving living spaces and furniture a dual-purpose can be a good way to maximise enjoyment in your home”.

While there are no set rules on what to include in a games room design– this depends on needs and preferences – good zoning will help to clearly define the space. The right layout, along with aesthetic factors such as colour, pattern, and the size and scale of furniture and gaming equipment will create a space that feels balanced and inviting. Additionally, “a high-end look doesn’t have to exude seriousness,” says Emma, “it is a games room after all, but using a premium, limited palette of materials for flooring, walls, furniture and cabinetry will create a space that stylishly flows.

5 things on every luxury games room wishlist;

Multi-use furniture

Natural multi-use furniture can reduce the need for extra furniture and maximise the space available. This can make it a more environmentally friendly choice. Alex Collett of Luxury Pool Tables recommends looking for a table made from durable materials that can withstand regular use. “Sold wood or stainless steel constructions and slate beds are best for high-quality pool tables.”

Custom bar / cocktail corner

Nothing will raise guest spirits more than a cocktail corner or welcoming bar. This focal point will also set the tone for the entire room. For speakeasy vibes, go for exposed brick or dark wood, low lighting, and comfy seating. For a modern aesthetic, neutral colours and clean, sleek lines work best.

Custom cabinetry

Nothing ruins a vibe more than clutter. To keep the feel-good flowing, Emma suggests “vertical storage for games, controllers and other accessories. You can also take advantage of existing architectural features such as alcoves and custom-build cabinets for jukeboxes and arcade games. Applying the same quality materials used elsewhere within the room will keep everything unified.”

Right games, right space

“Pool tables, table tennis, table football, air hockey and dartboards are the most popular options for games rooms. Shuffleboard and Teqball, a unique football-table tennis hybrid, are also gaining popularity”, says Alex Collett of Luxury Pool Tables.

While good zoning and layout are vital for a multi-purpose space, Alex says: “you need to ensure there’s adequate room for players to move around the table and take shots. With snooker or pool tables this depends on the size of the table and your cue. A full-size pool / snooker cue is roughly 57″ (145cm) long so ideally you want the same amount of clear space. However, shorter cues ranging from 52″ (130cm) to 36″ (90cm) can accommodate tight spots”.

If space allows, golf simulators and other gaming equipment can also be incorporated within a luxury home gym design, or within a basement, garage, garden building or loft. More than a swing capturing system, Avast Solutions supplies golf simulators that include room scents to reflect the course you’re playing and other interactive elements for a fully immersive experience.

Smart sound system

The right sound system can dramatically change the feel of a space. According to Graham Edmondson of Vivid Audio Visuals, “The latest sound format ‘Dolby Atmos’ involves additional speakers on the side and rear walls, and the ceiling. Proper placement of surround sound speakers will also immerse the listener in sound.” If you’re worried about sound, Graham suggests using acoustic absorption material behind fabric walls to create good acoustic sounds conditions.

Designing and installing a luxury games room is just one of the features that helps you create the ultimate home to live in. Studio Hooton has delivered whole house renovations for numerous clients bringing new life to old properties. So, if you’re planning your own interiors upgrade contact us to see how we can help with your next project.

Photo credit: Fowey Hall

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