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By Emma Hooton

Designing a beautiful Boot Room

The value of a boot room grows on you, the longer you have one the more you’ll question how you lived without such a space. , the boot room is the unsung hero of home organisation. It’s also a great place to hose down mucky pups.

A boot room also helps you maximise your leisure time by making it easy to grab what you need for outdoor fun. However, for this transition room to really shine it needs to marry style and function and reflect the lifestyle of the entire family. After all, what’s the point of a ski rack if you rarely hit the slopes?

Designing the perfect boot room

What goes in a boot room?

A boot room’s main role is to keep outdoor gear organised and accessible. It is often also used to store sports equipment and pet supplies. Bulky items can clutter living areas so by storing outdoorsy stuff in a well-designed boot room you’ll enjoy calm, uncluttered living. Keeping damp or dirty outdoor clothing and footwear separate from living areas and in an airy boot room also helps to maintain a home healthy.

The boot room pictured above from our coastal house project features a bespoke motorbike helmet shelving area, as well as a concealed wetsuit drying cupboard for the surfers in the family. Muddy boots are hidden within the island. Window seats with drawers below are great for changing and lighter shoes can be stored below them for quick access.

Encaustic tiles create an attractive, durable, easy to clean surface for muddy wellies, sandy feet and mucky paws.

Does a boot room include a sink?

Sinks can be a useful addition to boot rooms, utility areas or ‘bootility’ rooms. Handy for tasks such as cleaning off mud from boots or washing small dogs they can also be a place to clean muddy football boots.

A large, durable, easy-to-clean ceramic butler sink such as the one in this Studio Hooton design works well with any luxury scheme.

A luxurious Belfast sink with traditional curved tap stands in the middle of the a bootroom flanked on either side by white walls and modern prints in light pine frames. Above the sink is a shelf and a light blue glazed brick splashback with black grouting.

What flooring is best for a boot room?

Boot rooms usually act as a bridge from outside to inside, so the flooring needs to be able to handle wet and mud. Light-coloured floors in a boot room mean you’ll be constantly brandishing a mop so consider patterns or darker shades to conceal the dirt, especially if you have dogs.

  • Natural stone is a smart choice for boot rooms – it’s good-looking, tough and easy to maintain unlike carpet or hardwood flooring which can warp from water damage.
  • Natural flooring also ages beautifully and patinas add character over time.
  • Adding washable rugs or mats near entry points will also help to trap dirt and moisture and keep mess out.

Does a boot room add value?

Having a place for everything and everything in its place brings comfort. It can also help buyers envision themselves in the space. As always, however, a home’s value depends on many factors, from the state of the local real estate market to buyer preferences.

Country home and estate specialist George Clarendon of Knight Frank Winchester says: “While home upgrades such as a new kitchen or bathroom often score high when adding value to a home, homeowners and buyers are increasingly interested in homes that enhance their lifestyle.” In his guide to unexpected ways to add value George cites luxury spa rooms and home sports courts as two of the ways homeowners can boost their home’s value and desirability.

The quality of the joinery and materials used in creating the boot room can also impact its value. Opting for higher quality materials and finishes will also enhance its overall worth. In the design below high-quality joinery and smart storage solutions make light work of this family’s active lifestyle. You can explore this project in further detail here.

The schematics and design plans for a custom cupboard and storage in a boot room.Boot rooms are just one of the spaces that can enhance your home and your lifestyle. Studio Hooton has delivered exquisite interior projects which bring new life to old properties. So, to turn your plans into reality contact us to see how we can work with you on your next project.

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