Planet Hooton

Part of Studio Hooton's sustainable interior design studio showing a green plant sat on a white fireplace surrounded by different colour and fabric samples which all sit in front of a forest green wall


We have a responsibility to you and also to our ultimate home, the planet.

Our approach to interiors is underpinned by respect for our world and concern about the climate and nature crisis. Planet Hooton is our response to these challenges.

We have started by getting our own house in order at our own studios, where we have sensitively refurbished the interiors of our historic buildings to create efficient, planet-friendly environments which also have the wellness of our people in mind. From eco-friendly paint on the walls and renewable energy sources powering us, to the recycling of all paper and packaging materials, we are constantly reviewing every aspect of our own environment. We are also working to lower the carbon footprint of our travel.

A rust coloured fabric from supporting sustainable sourcing is draped over itself to form multiple layers Image courtesy of

Sustainable Sourcing

We are purposeful in our approach and considerate in our sourcing. We look at the timber finishes on floors and furniture, the content of fabrics in soft furnishings and even the paints and glues that bind and finish all aspects of an interior. Provenance, production and delivery are just some of the crucial elements that add up to the environmental cost of a project.

Sustainable sourcing starts with asking questions. We are committed to reviewing policies and selecting our suppliers based on their ethical standards and practices. Supply chains matter. Processes matter. This is why we look at the dyes they use, the forests their wood comes from and the size of their delivery carbon footprint.

We are proud of our supplier list. It reflects our values and our desire to do our best for the planet without compromising on quality and beauty.

A detailed shot showing the dovetail joints of a wooden chest of drawers from Benchmark furniture Image courtesy of Benchmark Furniture

CARBON footprint

We’ve done the hard work for you. Following extensive research, we have involved specialists in calculating the carbon footprints of our projects. We have covered every aspect from sourcing to materials and finishes. With this research we have built a pioneering offset offering into our clients’ projects, with a unique option to make their works carbon neutral. Our offsetting is transparent, leading edge and funds four types of climate solutions – technology, tree planting, policy and conservation.

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Call for change

We can’t do this on our own. As designers, we are part of an industry which generates around 40% of the UK’s carbon footprint. As a studio, we are committed to bringing about change in our industry. The interior design world has been slow to play its role in championing sustainability, and we hope to encourage others throughout our supply chain to join us on making our sector more sustainable.

We are calling for action from within it and from the other industries we work closely with such as architecture and construction.

We are setting up strategic partnerships with sustainability-focussed firms to help with specialist aspects such as building material recycling and we will continue to promote and support companies which share our values.

As members of the British Institute of Interior Design we are proud to be part of an organisation which has created a new 3-year sustainability plan.

The Planet Hooton Strategy

We’ve given this a lot of thought. You can see more here on what sustainability means to us as a business and to the industry we work in. We are advocates for our clients, our industry and our planet. Together we can bring about change.

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