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By Emma Hooton

Dressing Room Design Ideas

Studio Hooton’s clever closet tips

Dressing rooms are an increasing trend in modern luxury households. Having a stylish walk-in closet to get ready for the day in or prepare for an evening in isn’t just for the fashion-conscious, or adherents of the KonMari method (although at Studio Hooton we fully embrace the concept of living a life that sparks joy). A walk-in closet has the potential to make home life better by helping you keep your home beautifully organised and clutter-free.

Fit custom cabinetry

Embrace beauty and neatness with cabinetry that makes best use of your walk-in closet space. Whether you prefer open shelves for jumpers, rails for dresses or pull-out drawers for shoes, well-designed custom cabinetry can fit around even awkward spaces to bring order to the dressing room in a way that’s deeply pleasing to the eye.

Go full height

Squeeze every inch of space out of a small closet with custom floor-to-ceiling cabinets. Helping you stay clutter-free without encroaching on floor space, upper wall cabinetry can also offer storage for less bulky items such as luggage and out-of-season bedding and clothing. A smart built-in ladder can help you access those hard-to-reach spots.

Take a seat

A dressing room chair will give you a place to sit and get ready in style. Whether it’s a tufted ottoman, an oversized armchair or a built-in banquette, a seat upholstered in high quality tactile fabric will give the room a sensual focal point. It will also be a great place to try on shoes.

Dressing room design - window seat and vista

A built-in bench can be a charming place to sit.

Add bedroom beauty

A custom dressing table and upholstered stool can add romantic charm to a closet space. Luxurious yet practical, a beautiful vanity table can also be a place to showcase life’s little luxuries, such as scented candles or decorative perfume bottles.

Mirror, mirror

Every closet room needs a full-length lit mirror for checking outfits before walking out of the door. Closet mirrors can be configured to any size, shape or frame, and include features such as beauty lighting, touch control dimming and the latest LED tech. Positioned correctly, a wall or door mounted or mirrored cabinet panel can also create light, texture and space.

Create a vista

Windows are rarely a feature of dressing rooms, but you can still create a room with a faux view. Wallpaper and murals on walls, ceilings or built-in wardrobes can be used to create a focal point and attractive vista. Use of natural materials such as wood, jute fabrics, grasscloth wallpapers and earthy colours can also help to bring the outdoors in.

Mix old and new

The beauty is in the detail when it comes to creating a stylish room. To prevent a space feeling contrived, blend old and new elements, such as contemporary fabrics and wallpapers alongside classic prints. We love including antique pieces in these rooms to add character and interest.

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